5 Preview

5PREVIEW was born by coincidence in Rome in 2008 in Via Cavour n° 221. Te Swedish designer Emeli Martensson started to print T-shirts here at her home and graphics like CAVOUR N° 221 ROMA became immediately recognizable; big bold witty dirty handmade prints on white premium fabric Made In Italy. Te shirts boomed among fashionistas & VIPs all around the globe. Emeli Martenssonґs creations merge a Scandinavian disturbing punk-rock reality with a sober minimalistic sartorial Italian tradition. Te result is the eye catching Te 5PREVIEW look. Besides t-sirts Emeli Martensson design a complete womenswear collection, womens and mens underwear and hand luggage as well. Her inspiration comes from the daily life of people born in the 70-80's. Te GLOBALS always on the road - friends in every city, the individual that needs a wardrobe catching up with the continuous movement; Keywords are SIMPLICITY, WEARABLE & HIGH QUALITY FABRICS. “Te clothes are made for me and my friends,” Emeli says “ I would never design anything I wouldn't wear myself.”